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Welcome to Website «LATEX FELICE» by Allegria Delirante!


 You will find in these pages several drawings and paintings which are dedicated to fetishists for rubber clothing and scatological playing.
 If you have a feeling in common in their taste and you feel like coming in touch with an extraordinary pleasure,
you'll take a big fancy here to fantastic fetish atmosphere. Enjoy my rubber fetish site «LATEX FELICE»!


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 All the pictures, images and documents in these pages are owned by Allegria Delirante, except for indication.
And you should not use them without permission.
 You must be at least 18 to enter this site. Many of the drawings and paintings represent sexual and fetish acts in extraordinary taste.
 If this is not yours, or you are still under 18, or this kind of content is prohibited and illegal where you live,
please leave here now by clicking the back button on your browser or go to the appropriate link below.
 This is a free site but you should contact with this site via E-mail in case of linkage.


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